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    Our revive, sustain & thrive services ensure the health of your lawn
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    Our consultative approach will identify problem areas and solutions

Our Difference

Energy is created by the resistance between elements with opposite electrical charges; our choice of fertilizers is guided by this fact. The fertilizers we use have a positive charge which enables the nutrients to be held in the soil profile until the plant is ready and able to use them. Additionally, our fertilizers release energy in the soil when the positively charged atoms create resistance with the negatively charged alklai minerals in the soil. This resistance reduces compaction, creating an environment in the soil conducive to root growth.

As we increase the number or living organisms in your soil, they will produce more and more of this positive charge. This is nature's perfect design, and why no one has to fertilize the plants in a forest. The forest is naturally healthy, getting all the nutrients it needs with no inputs from man.

Many of the fertilizers used today destroy the living organisms and decrease organic matter, causing plants to do poorly, leading to drying up, dying out and becoming more susceptible to insect attack, with more weed pressure. (Remember: these "problems" are nature's way of restoring balance to the soil, the plants, and the natural environment.) This process of restoring balance benefits all life - soil, plants, animals, and humanity. MoreLife BioNutrition adds life, which increases energy in the soil, greatly reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen is abundant in the soil; life and energy make it become available for plant uptake.
Our approach to solving lawn problems is based on this maxim: all soil problems and the resulting lawn and plant problems are, first and foremost, a function of insufficient life in the soil. Weeds, insects and disease are only symptoms of the problem, which is insufficient soil life. Most lawn care "solutions" address only the symptom, while ignoring the real problem; as such they are not solutions at all. if you really think about it, what is a lawn "problem" but something simply judged by man to be undesirable? Weeds, insects and disease -- all 100% natural and completely organic! – are not so much problems as they are nature's way of indicating to us an imbalance, and nature’s attempt to restore that balance.

We take our cues from what nature shows us:

  • When dealing with weeds, we treat them for elimination, but Alpha Organics constantly applies more life and more energy to improve soil health -- the foundation on which a healthy lawn grows. Weeds indicate certain soil deficiencies. Our job is recognizing what nature is telling us, and working within the natural framework to eliminate any deficiencies present in your soil.
  • Disease problem? It’s been years since we used a fungicide to combat disease on a lawn. Our heavy applications of MoreLife BioNutrition in the early spring and late fall inoculate the soil with good microbes so that when summer humidity arrives the “good guys” will have the health and numbers to effectively fight the subterranean battle against the “bad guys” in your soil and on your lawn. If diseases, such as brown patch, do appear with the arrival of hot, humid days we do not resort to chemical fungicides, but rather to a reparative application of MoreLife combined with a small amount of fertilizer for energy to halt the disease and grow out of any plant damage.
  • If a plant is unhealthy, or dead, nature will call in its natural recyclers. Insects can detect the frequency of unhealthy plants, which is an insect’s call to action. They descend on a plant that, for whatever reason, is already unhealthy and in a state of decline. Insects speed up the process of death and decomposition. This is Nature’s Way. Insect digestion is extremely efficient, so if an insect were to consume a plant that is healthy, with an appropriately high sugar content, the insect would die. This information helped us to arrive at an important operational goal – focus less on using another chemical to kill another insect, and more on working in concert with nature to create healthy plants.
All 3
Aspects to
  • Physical - Fantastic equipment is available to help properly care for the physical needs of mowing, trimming and mechanically aerating and seeding your lawn is widely accessible to most homeowners. The information for the proper use of this equipment to promote healthy plants is also well known, such as using razor-sharp blades, mowing at 3-4 inches, periodically changing the direction you mow, and yearly aeration. In spite of knowing and doing all this correctly, WHY do lawns and soils still suffer from compaction, poor drainage, low organic matter, and other problems?
  • Chemical – Fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides are available at any home or garden store to arm homeowners in their battle against thin lawns, weeds, disease, insects, and other problems. In spite of all this, why do the problems seem ubiquitous?

  • A simple fact gives us the answer: Most homeowners and lawn care operators have overlooked the value of life in the soil, ignoring the Biological Aspect of lawn and soil care. Most approaches to lawn care are not necessarily wrong (though some surely are), but rather incomplete. Being good stewards of the Earth requires that we pay attention to All Three Aspects of lawn and soil care – Physical, Chemical, AND Biological. Alpha Organics adds life and energy to your lawn and soil. The foundational product of our program is MoreLife BioNutrition. Among the many ingredients, it contains not only living microbes held in suspension that come alive when introduced to moisture, but also food sources for those microbes, such as blackstrap molasses. So when we make the claim that we pay attention to the Biological Aspect of lawn and soil care, you can believe it!

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