Enjoy a Beautiful, Healthy and Weed-Free Lawn.

We offer fertilizer and weed killer services with the addition of valuable organic material, in Evansville, Newburgh and surrounding towns.

Take a closer look at our 2020 Full Service Lawn Care Program

Take a closer look at our 2020 Full Service Lawn Care Program

Find the Alpha Organics difference! Our team will treat your lawn throughout the year. We'll come in:

  • Early spring: Balanced granular fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control. Secondary and micro nutrients and a healthy dose of organic matter foster life in the soil and set the stage for a beautiful lawn! This application has five sources of nitrogen that release at different times throughout the spring and into the summer.
  • Mid spring: Liquid application of MoreLife BioNutrition and broadleaf weed control combined with an application of granular fertilizer. This includes a second dose of pre-emergent crabgrass control to work through the hot summer months. Loaded with microbial life, MoreLife not only feeds the soil microbes and fertilizes the lawn, but it also encourages plant absorption making liquid weed controls more effective.
  • Late Spring: Granular fertilizer application with five sources of nitrogen, four of which are slow release. If any pesky weeds are hanging around, we will apply the appropriate controls.
  • Early summer: MoreLife Organic Boost and a light application of fertilizer feed the soil and provide energy to the grass plants. Taking into consideration summer heat and other weather variables, this application will not force growth. It allows the plants to rest if conditions are unfavorable, while providing balanced energy for the lawn. The battle with nutsedge begins now!
  • Late summer: Balanced fertilizer with MoreLife BioNutrition. The battle with nutsedge continues.
  • Early fall: For those who seed in the fall, this organic starter fertilizer will provide plenty of phosphorus for seed germination and organic matter for long term soil health. For those who don't need to seed, this same high-phosphorus product will provide the nutrients your grass roots need to grow deep and healthy. Combine this application with aeration for even greater soil health and a more beautiful lawn.
  • Late fall: Balanced nutrients and organic matter promote late-year root and beauty for years to come.

Alpha Organics uses a Better Way to establish and maintain a Beautiful Lawn

The Best Way to Seed

Lawns that are generally thin and / or have lots of bare spots need slit seeding. Slit seeding is done with a machine that cuts ΒΌ inch deep slits vertically into the soil, through thatch, grass and weeds, dropping improved varieties of grass seed into the slits. This mechanical action helps to ensure that new seed will be in contact with the soil, producing maximum germination. On hillsides the machine slits help prevent the seeds from washing away during irrigation or rainfall. An additional benefit is that the seed falls under the machine, not in your landscape beds. This type of seeding quickly develops a thicker, more satisfying lawn. Additionally, we use a tri-blend of the newest and best varieties of turf type tall fescue grass seed.

The Best Time to Seed

Fall is always the best time to seed, from early September to the middle of October.
Fall's cooler temperatures and normally increased rainfall provide a great environment for the new grass to germinate and thicken. Roots have the opportunity to grow deep and healthy before winter, and will carry on photosynthesis late into the fall and early winter storing nutrients and energy in their roots in preparation for next summer's stresses. As soon as the warm temeraturess of spring arrive, the new plants will wake back up and continue the process of establishment and preparation for the stresses summer will bring. The first summer is always tough on any new lawn, but at least your lawn seeded in the fall is prepared and ready to survive. We consider a new lawn a "baby lawn" until it's about 18 months.

Lots of people ask about seeding in the spring. We always discourage this, but know that sometimes waiting until fall is just not an option. If you absolutely must plant grass in the spring, please keep in mind these challenges that are not impossible, but very difficult, to overcome. First, seed planted in the spring will have very shallow roots and be very immature when the summer stresses hit. This fact will make it a challenge for your new spring-planted lawn to thrive, or ever survive, through the summer. The second reason is that new seedings require the delay of crabgrass pre-emergent applications. The stress I mentioned above that new lawns experience in summer is made worse if crabgrass, which loves the heat of summer, is allowed to grow wild.


Aeration alleviates soil compaction and allows moisture, fertilizer and soil amendments to penetrate and mix with the soil, encouraging stronger and deeper roots. Oxygen enters the soil enabling microorganisms to break down organic matter, feeding the soil naturally. Aeration is a great way to keep nice lawns healthy and beautiful.

Aeration prior to slit seeding increases soil exposure for better seed germination. The plugs lying on the surface create a great seed bed.

Slit seeding in conjunction with aeration in the fall is the best way to quickly improve the appearance of your lawn.

Call us if you would like to speak with one of our professionals about your specific seeding and aerating needs.

Why choose Alpha Organics?

We have been caring for lawn and soil for 20 years. We can begin immediately to make improvements on your lawn. However, any soil and lawn problems you may be experiencing did not appear overnight. Symptoms of the problems can be dealt with quickly, but getting to the root of the problem and affecting true and lasting solutions takes more time. Gaining familiarity and experience with your particular lawn will allow us to help you make the best decisions for a healthy beautiful lawn.

Using the highest quality materials applied by friendly and knowledgeable technicians, our guarantee is that you will get:

  • thorough attention,
  • an accurate assessment,
  • honest answers, and
  • a Beautiful Lawn!

Your lawn and soil will be in good hands with the professionals at Alpha Organics.