Alpha's Guarantee

Alpha's Guarantee

Alpha Organics has been caring for lawns and soils in the tri-state for 20 years.

When you engage our services, we begin immediately to make surface improvements on your lawn. However, most soil and lawn problems don't appear overnight, so the long-term solution, which is always tied to improving health, may take the better part of a season. Symptoms of the problems can be dealt with fairly quickly, but getting to the root of the problem and affecting true and lasting solutions takes more time. Gaining familiarity and experience with your particular lawn and the soil it grows on provides us with the experience and knowledge to help you make the best decisions for creating a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Our guarantee is that we will always give you the following:

  • Thorough Attention
  • Accurate Assessment
  • Honest Answers
  • A Beautiful Lawn!

With nearly four decades of green industry experience, our lawn programs will:

  • Add Life
  • Create Energy
  • Restore Balance
  • Solve Problems

Add Life

At Alpha Organics, the claim that we add life to your soil is not just an emply platitude. The foundational product of our program is MoreLife BioNutrition. Living microbes are the first of many ingredients that begin to improve the health of your soil. This life is held in suspension until water is added and it is applied to your lawn. Blackstrap molasses is one of the many food sources to sustain the microbes. So when we make the claim that we apply Life, you can believe it!

Create Energy

Energy is created by the resistance between elements with opposite electrical charges This knowledge means that we choose positively-charged fertilizers which enable the nutrients to be held in the soil profile until the plant is ready and able to use them. These fertilizers release energy in the soil when the positively charged atoms create resistance against the negatively-charged alkali minerals in the soil. This resistance naturally reduces compaction, creating an environment in the soil conducive to root growth.

The increasing life in the soil will produce more and more of this positive charge. This is nature's perfect design, and why no one has to fertilize the plants in a forest. The forest is naturally healthy, getting all the nutrients it needs with no inputs from man.

Many of the fertilizers used today destroy the living organisms and decrease organic matter, causing plants to do poorly, leading to drying up, dying out and becoming more susceptible to insect attack, weed pressure and disease. Keep in mind what man calls "problems" are in reality nature's way of restoring balance to the soil, plants, and the natural environment. This process of restoring balance benefits all life - soil, plants, animals, and humanity. MoreLife BioNutrition adds life, which increases energy in the soil, reducing the amount of nitrogen fertilizer your lawn needs. Nitrogen is abundant in the soil; life and energy work in concert making it become available for plant uptake.

Solve Problems

Solve Problems

Alpha's approach to solving lawn problems is based on this maxim: all soil problems and the resulting lawn and plant problems are, first and foremost, a function of insufficient life in the soil. Weeds, insects and disease are only symptoms of the problem, which is insufficient soil life. Most lawn care "solutions" address only the symptom, while ignoring the real problem; as such they are not solutions at all. if you really think about it, what is a lawn "problem" but something simply judged by man to be undesirable? Weeds, insects and disease -- all 100% natural and completely organic! - are not so much problems as they are nature's way of indicating to us an imbalance, and nature's attempt to restore that balance.

We take our cues from what nature shows us:

For example, when dealing with weeds, we treat them for elimination, with customer approval, using chemicals that selectively kill the weed. But additionally, Alpha Organics applies life and energy fertilizers and organic soil amendments to improve soil health -- the foundation on which a healthy lawn grows. Weeds can indicate certain soil deficiencies, so a soil test, which we recommend for all new customers, helps us create for you an environment in your soil that favors turf grasses rather than weeds. Our job is recognizing what nature is telling us, and working within a more natural framework to eliminate any deficiencies present in your soil.

If a plant is unhealthy, or dead, nature calls in its natural recyclers - insects, disease and other forms of microbial life. Insects can detect the frequency of unhealthy plants, which is its call to action. Insects descend on plants that already unhealthy and in a state of decline to speed up the process of death and decomposition; they are soon joined by other forms of life to continue the process. This is nature's way.

Insect digestion is extremely efficient, so if an insect were to attack a 100% healthy plant, with an appropriately high sugar content, the insect would they stay away from healthy plants. This information helped us to arrive at an important operational goal - focus less on using another chemical to kill another insect, and more on working in concert with nature to create healthy plants.

Nature's way restores balance. The natural world is constantly ebbing and flowing, but always seeking balance. For example, if the population of predators in an ecosystem gets too high, a reduction in prey will soon follow. Balance returns as the prey is reduced and the predators' reduced food source returns their population to a level sustainable in the ecosystem.

The impact of this truth on the way we care for lawns is really just common sense: rather than constantly loading your lawn and soil unnecessarily with chemicals, our work is guided by the principles of natural systems, resulting in the creation of beautiful lawns. Life and Energy fertilizing promotes and restores balance.