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Soil Testing

Our 15-point soil test tells us the current condition of your soil. It helps us get to know your lawn, and provides us with a roadmap to healthier soil that will better sustain a beautiful, resilient lawn. If your soil is healthy…great! If there are deficiencies, we can begin to correct those with natural amendments that restore life and vitality to your soil.

Natural Soil Amendments

Restoring health and vitality to the soil begins with natural soil amendments such as lime or gypsum, or one of the many varieties of organic material we use…all based on soil test results. Sustaining healthy soil is accomplished by adding organic material and 100% organic Bio Nutrition to the applications we make throughout the seasons.


Our Hybrid Organic-Based lawn program contains the following:

• Fertilizer nutrients…for the plants

• Organic material…for the soil

• 100 % Organic Bio Nutrition…for the life in the soil.

• Broadleaf weed and crabgrass control…at greatly reduced rates

• Nutsedge Control

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Our NO-Pesticide lawn program has no chemical weed control

To eliminate weed control completely, you must adjust your initial expectations. There is no selective organic weed control that we feel is both effective and safe for use. As a result, you must strive to do all you can culturally, while having us apply MoreLife Bio Nutrition and high phosphorus fertilizer rich in organic matter. Mow the grass as high as possible to shade the soil with the intention of preventing weed seeds from germinating. Be sure the mower blades are very sharp to prevent ripping the grass blades; improperly cut grass blades use energy in the plant to heal, weakening it when future stresses arrive. The recommendations from your soil test must be followed. Crabgrass and some broadleaf weeds are not necessarily the problem, but rather a symptom of a deficiency deeper in the soil. Many organic gurus think weeds are signs from the Creator telling us deficiencies are present. The weeds’ biological functions naturally over time work to balance the soil. We will work with you if you decide you want a beautiful lawn without the use of pesticides.

  • All natural flea and tick control
  • All natural disease suppression
  • Grub Control

Slit Seeding

Lawns that are generally thin and/or have lots of bare spots likely need slit seeding. This is accomplished with a machine that cuts ¼ inch deep slits into the soil, through thatch, grass and weeds, dropping improved varieties of grass seed into the slits. This mechanical action guarantees that new seed will be in contact with the soil, producing the maximum germination rate. On hillsides, slits help prevent the seeds from washing away during irrigation or rainfall. An additional benefit is that the seed falls under the machine, not in your landscape beds. This type of seeding quickly develops a thicker, more satisfying lawn.


Aeration machines pull plugs out of the lawn/soil profile and deposit them on top of the lawn. This alleviates soil compaction and allows moisture, fertilizer and soil amendments to better infiltrate and mix with the soil, encouraging stronger and deeper root development. Air entering the soil helps microorganisms break down thatch, grass clippings and other organic matter into humus, which feeds the soil naturally. If combined with slit seeding, the plugs lying on the surface create a great bed for the seed as the vertical blades of the seeder slice through the plugs. Not only is this is a great way to make thin lawns thick, but it also keeps thick lawns healthy.


  • Homeowner & Do-It-Yourself Organic-Based Lawn Program delivered to your front door!

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